Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Return of Rent a Pet

Well came home tonight and was greeted by the small black cat again.  He belongs to someone in the neighborhood, but don’t know who.   Apparently many people have called his owners as his name and number is on the collar, but the owners say he loves the outdoors and constantly wants out.  Overall they are nonplused by his absence it seems.

He has found his way into the apt building many times and tends to wind up at my door for some reason.  Granted he looks a lot like my ex’s old cat that we had for about 8 years or so before we gave him to my Dad.  We had to as we were moving so much it was driving the cat insane and he needed stability.  He’s dead now so maybe this is him reincarnated or something???  Lol    Either way he spent the night once a few weeks ago and then left in the morning.  I have a litter box and food for him whenever he appears, just in case.  Had to ever since he sat outside my door crying all night a month ago making me feel guilty for not letting him in.

Tonight he ran up to me in the parking lot and straight to the apt building door to come in.  Once in he ran straight for my apt and waited for the door to open.  Since then he has been making himself at home.  Currently he is asleep on the couch next to me.  I call him rent a pet as he is not mine and will probably toddle off in the morning as I have to sleep for work and he wants to meow and play once 8am happens.

With it being colder and colder outside I think he would probably be happy to be an indoor cat at this point so maybe his owners will stop turfing him outside.  Either way he stops by here now and then when he sees me out and about.

Very affectionate and purry little bugger though…  Too bad like every other cat he thinks morning are happy fun time to play and make noise when I’m trying to sleep for work. lol

His name is Lynx, so if this is your cat and you were wondering where he was hiding out on Nov 30, 2011 see below...

Make yourself at home there Rent-A-Pet!

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